The essential

1- The score

A match is played best of three sets in 21 points : the first team to win 2 sets wins the match. The team winning a rally adds one point to its score. At 20, the set is extended: the team leading by 2 points wins the set (sometimes it is played at "21 sec", i.e. the first to arrive at 21 wins the set). set). At 29, the team scoring the first 30 wins the set. The team winning a set serves first in the next set.

This counting system is valid for the 5 disciplines of Badminton: Men's Singles, Ladies' Singles, Men's Doubles, Ladies' Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

2- To begin the match

Before the start of the match, the teams draw lots, either with a shuttlecock or with a coin. The team winning the toss exercises its choice either to serve / receive first or to choose the side of the half court. The team losing the toss chooses the other alternative.

3- Interruptions and change of half court

When the score reaches the first time in set 11, the players benefit from a stoppage of play of 60 seconds. Between each set, this interruption is 120 seconds. Players switch half courts at the end of each set, and in the third set, when the score first reaches 11.

4- Positions of players

Simple game

At the start of the set and whenever the score is even, the server serves on the right. If the score is odd he serves on the left. If the server wins the rally, he scores the point and serves in the alternate zone. If the receiver wins the rally, they score a point and take the serve.

In Doubles game

At the beginning of the set and when the score is even, the server serves from the right zone. When the score is odd he serves from the left zone. When the server's side wins the rally, it scores a point and the same server serves from the other service court. If the receiver's side wins the rally, they score a point. The receiving side becomes the server. The positions (on the winning side and on the losing side) then remain unchanged.

5- Service

When hitting, the racquet should be angled down and the shuttlecock should be hit below the waist. The waist is an imaginary line located at the level of the lowest part of the last rib of the server. During the execution of the service, server and receiver must have their feet in a stationary position.

6- The main faults

It is a fault if: the shuttlecock falls out of bounds, passes through or under the net, does not cross the net, touches the body or clothing of a player, is hit in the opposite court, is hit 2 times in a row by the same player or partner.

It is a fault if the player touches the net or the post with his racket, clothing or body, invades the opponent's court over the net (unless he "follows" his gesture), obstructs vis the opponent (prevents him from executing his blow), voluntarily distracts his opponent.

7- Materials

Each player has to have :

  • his own racket,
  • an appropriate sportswear,
  • a clean pair of indoor basketball shoes,
  • its steering wheels (plastic, carbon or feathers). 

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