BadaM is a non-profit training organization for badminton games in Marseille for LGBT+ people (Lesbians, Gays, Bi and Trans) and their friends, but not only... We also organize parties, tournaments and lots of other friendly activities! The association is open to all players regardless of their sexual orientation and rtheir level of play. It is popular and accessible to all.

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Why a LGBT+ badminton club ?

In most cases, LGBT+ people have suffered remarks / discriminations during their childhood / adolescence on their appearances, their genders or their supposed or real attractions for the same gender people. They have gradually moved away from sports and have very difficulties to be comfortable in a "standard" sports clubs. LGBT+ clubs help to create a safe and caring environment.

Another LGBT+ club ?

These clubs have existed for decades in France and in Marseille, only 2 multisports clubs exist. We decided to create the first LGBT+ badminton club in this area because this sport is very successful. However multi-sport management does not allow agility and ease of operations specific to nonprofit organisations.

Our values

We believe in the unifying values ​​of sport: respect, sharing, solidarity, mutual aid, inclusion and surpassing oneself.

Sport requests tolerance and RESPECT the one-day opponent and the referee as well as the environment; and that it requires accepting victories and defeats alike. Being respectful of the game, of the rules, of oneself, of others and of sporting and public institutions are the sine qua non conditions of a virtuous sporting practice. Being open and accessible to all, whatever the form of practice or discipline, sport leads us to adopt an approach

Being open and accessible to all, whichever the practice format or the discipline, sport brings us in an INCLUSIVE approach and promotes equal opportunity. By being honest and loyal, we ensure that we practice sport with integrity.

Vector to promote cohesion and the link between all the sporting world, to be UNITED, altruistic and fraternal, is to encourage its partners,MUTUAL AID and support together in difficulties, in defeats and fatigues as we can do in victories and joy.

SURPASSING ONESELF of one's own limits, mental, physical and moral, is one of the important components of sport. Self-transcendence is achieved by SHARING together.



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